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Tips for Actors to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Tips for Actors to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Identity Theft is more than Credit Cards

How can a thief get access to Your Identity?

Your Identity is Your Private Data: Health Insurance Number, Social Security Number, Driver License Number, and Financial Account Number. 872,602,323 Records of Private Data have been compromised due to 4377 reported Data Breaches in the U.S. Private Data is like drugs on the black market; big dealers sell private data to smaller dealers, who sell private data to a thief who uses a person’s private data to assume and use their identity.

What does an Identity Thief use an identity for?

  1. Medical
    Thief gets medical treatment prescriptions, devices with a Victim’s Identity
  • Victim may get the medical bill OR may not get prescriptions filled
  • Victim may be denied insurance, employment or treatment; because the Thief’s medical care or diseases are now part of the Victim’s Medical Record
  • TIP: Review your MIB file, Medical Information Bureau, www.MIB.com [free once/year]
  1. Income
    With Victim’s Identity – thief earns Income and doesn’t pay taxes, OR files and receives Victim’s tax refund, OR requests and receives Victim’s Social Security benefits payment
  • Victim may get a notice (audit) from the IRS for unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest
  • Victim may experience long delay in receiving their government benefits payment
  • TIP: Review IRS Transcript of W-2, 1099, 1098 filed under your SSN 800-829-1040 [free]
  • TIP: Review your SSA Statement, form SSA-7004, 800-772-1213 or www.ssa.gov [free]
  • TIP: Signup for SSA electronic payments before a thief does 800-772-1213 or www.ssa.gov [free]
  1. Traffic Ticket
    Thief gets a traffic ticket or has an accident with a Victim’s Identity.
  • Victim may get their auto insurance rates increased or cancelled
  • Victim may get their driver license suspended, and may lose their job
  • Victim may get arrested because the Thief does not pay the fine or go to court
  • TIP: Review your driver record from your state’s DMV


  1. Criminal
    Thief commits a crime with a Victim’s Identity
  • Victim may get arrested, if there is a warrant in Their Name for the Thief’s crime
  • Victim may be fired, or denied employment or pensions due to a Criminal Record
  • Victim may be forsaken by associates, friends and family due to a Criminal Record
  • TIP: Review Your Nationwide Criminal Records Report, various sources [$20 to $50]


  1. Financial
    Thief gains access to existing accounts or opens new accounts with Victim’s Identity
  • Victim may have accounts overdrawn or debts incurred from credit cards, loans, utilities
  • Victim may have delinquent accounts or judgments filed for unpaid debts
  • Victim may have credit scores lowered, resulting in higher interest and insurance
  • TIP: On the signature panel on credit and debit cards, write “Ask for Photo ID”
  • TIP: Review Credit Report from 3 Repositories, www.AnnualCreditReport.com [free]
  • TIP: Stop pre-approved credit offers, www.optoutprescreen.com 888-567-8688 [free]

Sources: BBBonline.org, FTC.gov, FBI.gov, PrivacyRights.org


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